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Exlusive individual pilates training at your home in geneva for everybody  and all levels 80 CHF/h
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Exlusive individual pilates training at your home in geneva for everybody and all levels

Your body needs some exercise, your spine pains after long hours in front of the computer and your back troubles you every day more and more? You don’t have time to go for Pilates into studio?
If yes, it is perfect time to start your Individual Pilates Training with certified Pilates Trainer.
This Pilates Training is fully individual, adapted to your needs and your free time. Classes take place at your home and your private instructor brings all the equipment needed for training.
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Votre corps a besoin d'exercice, vous avez mal à la colonne vertébrale après de longues heures devant l'ordinateur et votre dos vous fait souffrir de plus en plus chaque jour? Vous n'avez pas le temps d'aller dans un studio pour suivre un cours de pilates?
Si c'est le cas, c'est le moment parfait pour commencer des cours de Pilates Individuels avec une formatrice de pilates certifiée.
Ce cours de pilates est totalement individuel, adapté à vos besoins et à votre emploi du temps. Les cours ont lieu chez vous et votre formatrice apporte tout l'équipement dont vous avez besoin pour le cours.
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First individual training: 50 CHF
First dual training (2 person): 35 CHF/per person

Single individual training: 100 CHF
Single dual training: 70 CHF/per person

10 individual trainings: 800 CHF
10 dual trainings: 600 CHF /per person

One training is 60 min.

Infos pratiques sur Monika

J'enseigne le pilates. Pour les niveaux débutant, intermédiaire, avancé.

Je donne des cours en face à face, à mon domicile.

Expériences de Monika

I offer Individual (1:1) or Dual (2:1) private classes at client’s home.


Private training means classes carried out at client's home in 1:1 or 2:1 training system, where 1:1 is the individual class only for you together with your instructor. It is the most effective form of training that is tailored to your needs and advancement.

During the personal training all the exercises are performed under the supervision of your instructor. For each client we prepare an individual training program. Depending on your needs the program can focus on strenghtening or exercising the weakest areas of your body with the help of proffessional pilates equipment.

Individual training is an excellent offer for those limited by working hours not allowing to participate in schedued group activities. It is also a great opprtunity for those who want to develop already acquired skills at their own pace under the guidance of a professional. Training with an instructor is unique opportunity to improve proper exercise techniques and get to know your own body.

During the individual training instructor motivates you and supports during each exercise. While you are training all your wrong postures are getting corrected immediately in order to learn only good habits and behaviours for future.

You do not need to worry about how to use Pilates equipment for the very first time, neither, how to excercise on your own, so you can take the most advantage of it. Your personal trainer will always be there to help you and explain you how to do exercises properly and effectively during your training.

It does not matter whether you are at a beginner's level or training Pilates is nothing new for you - in each case you can benefit from individual training, Private Pilates classes from Pilatesense are always for You!

Personal training ensures the best use of your time and opportunities. Moreover it will give you great satisfaction once you have seen the first results of your work.

Benefits of personal training with pilatesense:
- Workout plan tailored to your needs and physical conditions
- Exercise under the supervision of a qualified Pilates instructor
- Getting to know the strengths of your body while working on your weaknesses
- Creative training in a friendly atmosphere

Curriculum Vitae de Monika

My name is Monika and I am a certified Pilates Trainer. I am living and working currently in Geneva, Switzerland.

I am a Pilates trainer but also a huge sport enthusiast, loving healthy lifestyle and living a life full of fun every day.

Pilates and training with people is my passion for years. I love helping people to discover what their body needs, showing how to train to improve the quality of live.

In 2007 I became a pilates instructor in Pilates Academy in Cracow, Poland. During last years I trained pilates groups and led individual classes. I participated also in international workshops and conventions.

Since 2015 I continue my pilates education with Michael King Pilates School. Currently I am working as an instructor in Geneva.

80 CHF/h tous les tarifs
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