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  • Tarif horaire 55CHF
  • Temps de réponse 5h
  • Nombre d’élèves 50+
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IELTS and FCE exam preparation - Qualified and Experienced English Teacher - ESL for adults / teenagers - Assignment, thesis writing support


C’est le nec plus ultra des professeurs. Qualité du profil, excellence du diplôme, réponse garantie. Pia organisera avec soin votre premier cours.

A propos du cours

Do you need to pass the IELTS ?
Do you need to pass the Cambridge English: First (FCE) ?
Do you need to speak English fluently?
Do you have a job interview in English?

If yes, then you have found the RIGHT coach!

Teaching English and preparing you to pass your exam is my job!

I teach LIVE online classes via Cisco Webex: audio and video facility. We agree on a date and time and log onto our meeting "classroom" and you immediately start to speak, to learn and to prepare to pass your exam with success.

During the training or exam preparation, you will get to:

Practice mock exam - Essay writing and exam prep - IELTS

Practice mock exam - Essay writing and exam prep - Cambridge English: First (FCE)

Practice mock exam - multiple choice questions - TOEIC

Practice mock job interviews in English - You'll be prepared!


  • Business English
  • +1



  • Français
  • Anglais


  • Tout niveaux

A propos de Pia

I prepare students to pass the IELTS, FCE and TOEIC exams.

Students are supported with their papers/essays and thesis writing.
I correct and explain grammar mistakes in speech and papers
Students learn how to write papers and improve their skills in English.

I also teach Business English. You will be fluent and and at ease during your meetings!

I train you to be confident during your job interview in English.

My students gain English skills and confidence in their professional and personal life!



  • 5 h: 275CHF
  • 10 h: 550CHF


  • 55CHF/h


1 - IELTS exam preparation
Individual classes CHF55 per lesson ( one lesson is 50 minutes )

2 - Cambridge English exam preparation: First (FCE) and TOEIC:
Individual classes CHF55 per lesson ( one lesson is 50 minutes )

05 lessons 5x55 = 275 chf
10 lessons 10x50 = 500 chf

Business English for adults:
Individual classes CHF 45 per lesson (one lesson is 50 minutes)

General English for children
Individual classes CHF 40 per lesson ( one lesson is 50 minutes )

20 lessons ( package ) = 700 chf

Group classes 2-3 students - Please contact me and we can discuss the price/discounts and the organization.

1 - Please note that I do not offer refunds and that packages need to be finished within 12 months.
2 - At the moment, I only teach online.

En savoir plus sur Pia

  • interview image


    Parlez-vous couramment cette langue en raison de vos origines ou parce qu'un professeur vous a donné envie de l'apprendre ?

    I am lucky to have family both in the USA and CH.

  • 02

    Citez le personnage vivant, historique ou fictif qui est, selon vous, le représentant emblématique de la culture en question !

    Abraham Lincoln - He fought for Freedom and Human Rights!
    Abraham Lincoln was a very tall man (1.92) and in addition he often wore a top hat of about 30 cm, making him even taller and more impressive. He also used to keep his important documents in his hat.
    He was a great leader and abolished slavery in the USA

  • 03

    Y-a-t-il, dans celle-ci, un mot, une expression, une tradition ou un comportement typique qui vous amuse particulièrement ?

    "Whatever you are, be a good one" ( A. Lincoln's quote )

  • 04

    En quoi savoir parler cette langue est important, que ce soit scolairement, professionnellement ou d'un point de vue plus personnel ?

    At the moment, English is the global business language and it is spoken all over the world.
    If you are fluent in English, you have a competitive advantage in all areas of work, studies and even personal life.
    Being fluent in English almost guarantees your professional success.

  • 05

    Quelle est la difficulté principale de cette langue et ce qui peut favoriser son apprentissage ?

    Phrasal verbs are notoriously difficult
    To carry =porter
    To carry out = effectuer
    To carry on = continuer

    I carry my bag
    I carried out all my assignments
    I would like to carry on with this discussion

    To make it easier for you please:
    Watch movies in English ( Netflix, Youtube, TeDTalks ) and come to my classes! :-)

  • interview image


    Une anecdote en rapport avec votre métier ou votre scolarité à nous raconter ?

    My first teaching experience was in Siem Reap and it was a real challenge!
    I had a wonderful class of 45 children and all of them of different ages and English levels.
    From then on, I knew that teaching is not only about teaching
    grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure but also about having fun and sharing a special/good moment together. When lessons are interactive and fun you learn more as you are relaxed.

  • 07

    Aidez-nous à vous connaître un peu mieux en évoquant vos différents voyages.

    I have a BA in TESOL ( Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ) and a Masters in Business Administration.
    I have been teaching English for now more than 7 years and I have more than 8000 teaching hours experience.
    I have also had the opportunity to teach in different countries and my students are from all over the world such as from Switzerland, France, Germany and Asia.

    I love travelling and hopefully, I will soon be able to discover South America and Africa.

  • 08

    Qu'est-ce qui fait de vous un Superprof, en + de cette capacité à s'exprimer en plusieurs langues ?

    I love to see my student succeed. Please read the reviews of all my dear students.

    So, when do you wish to have your lessons? I am waiting for you!

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  • Quickly improve your English skills with a highly-qualified Cambridge and IB certified tutor from Canada.



    4.9 (7 avis)
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  • Cours d'anglais niveau NATIF, diplômée de l'Angleterre, préparation examens IELTS A-Levels GCSE etc. tous niveaux (beginner to university), 5 ans d'expérience.


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  • Expérience en entreprise, professeur d'anglais natif expérimenté, formé à l'Université de Londres et à la BBC.

    Max Graham


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  • English Teacher with 10 years+ experience - All ages & levels- General English/ Cambridge Exam preparation/ CV support / Job Interview support.



    5 (4 avis)
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  • Spécialisée durant 12 ans auprès d'une clientèle internationale. Diplômée en anglais renforcé.

    Nagatt Rose


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  • Tuteur d'anglais à domicile J’ai habité au État unis pendant une période de 6 ans



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  • Cours pour professionnels - Business English - Coaching pour présentations orales et pitch - (via Skype)



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  • Professeure d'anglais et d'italien d'expérience donne des leçons privées ou en groupe



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  • Étudiante bilingue en année de transition donne des cours d’anglais pour débutants et intermédiaires de tous âges :)



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  • Motivated as you will, I'm ready to give English, Arabic and history lessons to all age groups. I am Experienced, well educated and skilled.  I speak french, so don't hesitate to contact me in one of



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  • Cours de marketing et communication, d'anglais et de suédois, de sport, de PT et de boxe -- donnés en ligne et à Geneve.



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  • Cours d'Anglais pour tous niveaux, aide pour examens linguistiques à domicile ou en Visio - Disponibilité en week-end



    • 45 €/h
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